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Graphic Devices, a technology company in the Field of Medical Devices, was founded in 1998 by its promoters Vivek Nadkarni and Tanuja Nadkarni. In a short span of time, Graphic Devices achieved a position of leadership in the field of Neurophysiology and Rehabilitation.

Working closely with our customers and listening to the needs of our countrys Clinicians and Researchers, Graphic Devices has partnered with the world leaders in the areas of Balance, Motion Capture, Biomechanics, Ergonomics and Vestibulometry to provide a comprehensive equipment solution.

Be it
  • Rehabilitation of Stroke patients with Balance and mobility problems
  • Gait, Kinematic and Biomechanical Analysis of a competing athlete
  • Rehabilitation of Amputees with objective data to perfect their prosthetic fit
  • A Dizzy patient with vertigo
  • Analyzing and treating diabetic foot conditions or athletes with footwear issues
  • Work related skill evaluation and testing
  • Human Ergonomics and Behavioral Analysis

Graphic Devices has a solution to your needs.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Graphic Devices has its presence in Bangalore and Kolkata to provide high quality Clinical, Application and Service Support.

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