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AMTI Biomechanical Force Platforms

AMTIs patented sensor design measures and isolates all six force components quantifying them accurately and separately. High overload protection on all axes and ability to acquire High frequency data especially in Sports where the impulse rise time is short are some of the advantageous features. High Sensitivity, Low Crosstalk and Excellent Repeatability are what makes AMTI force platforms the leading choice of Biomechanics and Gait Labs the world over

Select your application from below to know which Forceplate is suited best for your set-up:
In addition to these the Optima Human Performance System is a revolutionary development in force measurement technology, offering a 10-fold improvement over any force platform system on the market.

Besides all these options we / AMTI also work closely with clients to design custom built force platforms

Static balance applications are unique in that they typically generate very small forces and involve very little visible movement. Vertical loads seldom exceed body weight, and the horizontal forces are very small.

In order to obtain the highest COP resolution it is best to choose the lowest capacity (and therefore the highest sensitivity) force plate available.

AMTIs portable solution for accurate measurements of static balance parameters, comes along with a standalone software package.

It can also be integrated with other third party Software as well. If you would like to isolate the forces and moments produced by each foot during your balance studies then Dual top Accusway is what you should look at.

Accugait is AMTIs portable solution for Gait applications. With a compact square size of 19.75, it can be used without special mounting hardware. The Accugait software is a very intuitive package that can aid in your gait analysis and research.

For a more sophisticated model, choose from the BP series (BP400600 or BP600600), OR 6-7 or the high end OPT - Optima Human Performance systems .Engineered to give you accuracy beyond compare, these forceplates will set new standards in your lab.
All these forceplates require mounting hardware to prevent external noise in the data and to ensure patient safety.

Sports performance applications are more demanding than normal gait and balance applications. Most sports applications involve jumping, sprinting etc and consequently produce large impulse forces which are potentially several times body weight. The impulse rise times are relatively short, leading to higher-frequency content in the signal. Besides this, the athlete would need larger surface/ target areas in order to capture data during dynamic sports activities.
AMTI has a wide range of force plates ideally suited for these requirements.

Beginning with Accupower, the portable solution, you can move onto the BP series which have large surface areas, the largest being BP12001200 1.2 square meters.

Special Requirements:
Need to measure forces and moments under water?
Then the OR6-WP - AMTIs water proof forceplate is what you need
The OR6-6WP is a high-natural-frequency force plate that features a waterproof design, complete with an internal pressure compensation bladder for accurate underwater measurements.

Need to record the activity from below the forceplate?
The OR6-GT force plate features a glass top, which allows activities on the top surface of the force plate to be viewed and recorded from the underside.

If your application calls for Highfrequency data acquisition, the HF range of Forceplates will meet your requirements.

Apart from all this, if your requirement is something still more specific and beyond the standard then AMTI works to help design a solution for your needs.
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