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Ergoneers - Eye Tracking and D-Labs
Professional Solutions for Eye-Tracking, Behaviour Research and Workplace Analysis.

Dikablis and D Lab:
A fantastic integrated solution for Gaze Analytics and Behavioural Science. Dikablis is the only Gaze Tracking System worldwide which provides unlimited mobility combined with the automated Processing of Gaze Data in all possible scenarios.

Comprising of a lightweight head-unit that can even be worn over glasses, Dikablis is available in cabled as well a wireless configuration. The accompanying Software D-Lab is available in several versions as well D-Lab Eye tracking Essential / Professional allows manual/automated Gaze data analysis. If you need video recording as well, you can have 4 video cameras data in sync with the Eye tracking data. D-Lab Data stream allows data capture through external TCP / IP data streams and D-Lab Physio offers additional functionality to record physiological data (EEG, EMG ,EKG, Skin Conductance, Respiration, etc.) synchronously to the eye-tracking data.

These products are now being used world wide in various applications like studying the Impact of Driver Assistance Systems (BMW, Audi...) in Aeronautics to study Interaction with Aircraft Information Systems, Market Research, Exhibition Science and Neuroscience.

Software for Analysis, Assessment and Refinement of Workplaces:
Ergolab Software provides a multitude of scientifically recognized assessment modules for assessment of workplaces, to refine deficits in work environment complete with automated report generation.

Repetitive strain injuries, Workplace posture related injuries can be analysed, and solutions recommended. Ergolab incorporates assessment protocols that are scientifically recognized in ergonomics. OWAS, NIOSH, LMM-HTT are some of the protocols included that allow for quick and easy assessment of workplace conditions. In addition to these, Bodymap allows documentation of subjective ailments with the frequency of occurrence.

9 regions of the body are valued: neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist / hand, upper dorsal, lower dorsal / small of the back, hip / thigh, knee, ankle / foot giving you a complete solution for ergonomic analysis.
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