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Walk-in-sense the ultra-light in-shoe device is a unique device to monitor lower limb movement, with a wide range of applications: orthopaedics, neurology, cardiology and podiatry.

Light, portable and wireless, Walk-in-sense can be fitted with ease and you can get the subjects dynamic plantar pressure measurement in real-time along with other information such as walking speed and distance covered. This unique device weighs just 68 gms and can be strapped to the subjects ankle. The net of eight sensor pads can be fastened onto the insole in either a standard pattern or can be placed under specific problem areas of the patients foot.


These piezo-resistive sensors weigh just 5 gms and do not alter the gait of the subject at all. It has been used successfully in Sports medicine worn by athletes involved in high demand sports activities.

The intuitive software is extremely user friendly and the data can be replayed along with a synchronized video for better analysis.

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